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Distinguished Member Award

Article IV(4) of the By-Laws, allows for Organization of Bar Investigators to present an award to individuals who have substantially contributed to the improvement and advancement of the Corporation beyond any reasonable expectation.

The requirements and privileges of attaining Distinguished Membership include:

  (a)        An individual nominated by the Membership Committee, and receiving a majority vote of approval by the
               Board, shall be deemed a Distinguished Member for life;

  (b)        No more than two (2) individuals shall be eligible for Distinguished Membership annually;

  (c)         Distinguished Members shall have the rights and privileges of Active Membership, except as limited by:

    (1)      Remaining ineligible to serve as a Director, Officer, NOBC Liaison, or Committee Chair;

    (2)      Remaining ineligible to vote; and,

    (3)      Any other limitation imposed by these Bylaws or the Board. 

  (d)        Distinguished Members shall remain exempt from paying any fees or dues. 

  (d)        Article IV (9) of the By-Laws allows Distinguished Members to hold dual membership that will not diminish
               their rights as an Active Member.

In 2013, the OBI awarded Kelly Dillon, MO with the designation of Distinguished Member.

Member of the Year Award

Every year, the Board seeks nominations for Member of the Year that are recognized at the Annual Conference.  This member should show dedication and excellence in promoting bar investigations.  In addition to recognition, this member will receive complimentary registration to the Annual Conference.  

If you have a member you wish to nominate, please send your nominations, along with a description as to why you nominating them, to the board.

Recipients of the Member of the Year Award
2009: Cathe Hahn (WI)
2010: Alma Cueto (CA)
2011: Randy Ross (NC)
2014: Chuck Anderson (DC)
2016: Vanessa Norman (WA)
2017: Marc Fiedler (MD)
2017: Mami Sowell (MT)
2017: Louise Watson (NV)

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